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Unmatched Shearing and Bending Capabilities

RDR Fabrication is your local source for metal shearing and bending. Whether you need to have your sheet metal cut into predetermined shapes and sizes, or have your sheet metal bent to spec, our team is your trusted source.

Contact our team at RDR Fabrication for all of your metal shearing and bending needs.

Sheet Metal Shearing

If your sheet metal needs to be cut to a specific size, allow RDR Fabrication’s team to handle the job.  We have shears that can cut metal to your project’s required thickness.

Sheet Metal Bending

RDR Fabrication’s sheet metal bending services can bend your sheet metal to suit all of your project needs. We can bend all of your sheet metal from 20 gauge to ½” thick. We can also form the metal into a variety of shapes as well as quantities.